Having your diamond jewelry registered in IGI's data bank will allow you optimum possibility of recovery. Additionally, if the diamond/gemstone jewelry is insured by your insurance company you are most assured of replacement with like kind. Upon loss, theft or damage of your diamond/gemstone jewelry, all you have to do is call IGI's toll-free hot line reporting the occurrence, after you have activated your registration.


If destroyed, both you and your insurance company would receive a computer printout, describing your diamond/gemstone and the article of jewelry in detail. The description will include your diamond's carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut information. Additionally, a description of the precious metals used in the article of jewelry, including weight and a representative micro-photograph of the article of jewelry is also included. If the article of jewelry or diamond/gemstone has been previously appraised by IGI, a retail replacement value will be included.

If lost or stolen, in addition to above, IGI would contact the local police in area of loss. Secondly, IGI will search the auction market, in case the article of jewelry comes up for sale. Lastly, IGI will send out an alert to the industry, including jewelry manufacturers, retail jewelry stores and pawn shops via national and international intra-industry computer network, advising of the theft.


  1. Issuance of an IGI report describing a submitted article of jewelry and/or diamond/gemstone.
  2. Either, IGI's electronic inside ring engraving of the IGI report number or laser inscription of the IGI report number onto the girdle of the diamond. Having your diamond inscribed by laser, does not impair the diamond's quality.
  3. Complete IGI Registration Application. By completing IGI's Registration Application you are enabling IGI to join your name and address to the information describing your article of jewelry, in our data bank. The registration fee is a one-time charge of $25.00. (For $40.00 a Full Appraisal will be included)


  1. The unique inscription number decreases your insurance company's exposure. Therefore, your annual insurance premium should be reduced.
  2. Having your article of jewelry registered to your name will facilitate a search of IGI's extensive data base. IGI's data bank will provide a complete description of your article of jewelry and the diamond/gemstone that has previously been inspected by IGI's professional gemologists and appraisers.
  3. As the precious metal, gemstone and currency markets fluctuate, IGI will contact you, providing the article of jewelry has been registered, advising you to have your jewelry appraisal updated when necessary.